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Table 1 Articles reporting autopsies in suspected/known COVID-19 patients

From: Pulmonary pathology and COVID-19: lessons from autopsy. The experience of European Pulmonary Pathologists

First author [Journal] No cases Timea Comorbidities (yes/no, details) Disease duration (days)b Macroscopy Microscopy
Alveolar damage Vascular injury Airway damage
Xu Z [Lancet Respir Med] [28] 1 February No 14 Not reported Yes No Not reported
Tian S [Mod Pathol] [29] 4 March Yes (CLL, cirrhosis, HTN, DM, renal transplantation) 28 Not reported Yes No Yes
Shao C [Hum Pathol] [30] 1 March No 25 Not reported Yes Yes (microthrombi) Not reported
Yao X [Cell Research] [31] 1 March No 16 Not reported Yes Yes (microthrombi) Not reported
Barnes B [J Exp Med] [32] 3 April Not reported Not reported Not reported Not reported Yes (capillaritis) Not reported
Magro C [Transl Res] [33] 2 April Yes (CAD, DM, HF, obesity) Not reported Congestion, hemorrhage No Yes (endotheliitis) Not reported
Barton LM [Am J Clin Pathol] [34] 2 April Yes (obesity, myotonic dystrophy, HTP) 6 Diffuse edema, pleural adhesions Yes Yes (thrombi) Yes
Varga Z [Lancet] [35] 3 April Yes (transplantation, CAD, HTP, obesity) 12 Not reported No Yes (endotheliitis) Not reported
Konopka KE [Chest] [36] 1 April Yes (asthma) 10 Consolidation, mucus plugs Yes Yes (thrombi) No
Copin MC [Intensive Care Med] [37] 6 April Not reported 12.5 Not reported No Yes (endothelial injury) Not reported
Lacy JM [Am J Forensic Med Pathol] [38] 1 April Yes (DM, obesity, asthma) 7 Mucus plugs, edema, consolidation, hemorrhage Yes No Not reported
Menter T [Histopathology] [39] 21 May Yes (HTP, obesity, CVD, DM, immunosuppressed) 6 Consolidation, congestion, suppurative bronchopneumonia Yes Yes (vasculitis, microthrombi) Yes
Wichmann D [Ann Intern Med] [40] 12 May Yes (obesity, CAD, asthma, COPD, CVD, DM, ND) Not reported Congestion, bronchopneumonia, embolism, deep venous thrombosis Yes Yes (thrombosis, pulmonary thromboembolism) Yes
Grimes Z [Cardiovasc Pathol] [41] 2 April Yes (HTP, HIV) 11.5 Pulmonary thromboembolism, consolidation No Yes (pulmonary thromboembolism) Not reported
Lax SF [Ann Intern Med] [42] 11 May Yes (HTP, DM, CAD, HL, bladder cancer, COPD, CVD, ND) 8.5 Massive bilateral congestion, mucus plugs, thrombi in branches of the pulmonary arteries, pulmonary infarctions Yes Yes (thrombosis of small and mid-sized pulmonary arteries) Yes
Adachi T [Emerg Infect Dis] [43] 1 May No 16 Consolidation Yes No Not reported
Yan L [Arch Pathol Lab Med] [44] 1 May Yes (obesity) 13 Mucous plugs, edema, consolidation Yes Yes (vasculitis) Not reported
Buja LM [Cardiovasc Pathol] [45] 3 May Yes (obesity, HTP, HF, DM, anemia) 14 Consolidation, congestion, pulmonary thromboembolism, hemorrhage, hyperemic tracheobronchial mucosa Yes Yes (pulmonary thromboembolism) Not reported
Ackermann M [NEJM] [46] 7 May Yes (HTP, DM, immunosuppression) Not reported Weight gain Yes Yes (widespread thrombosis, neoangiogenesis) Not reported
Shaller T [JAMA] [47] 10 May Yes (HTP, CVD, COPD, DM, obesity, CKD, ND, CMML, CLL, LC) 16 Consolidation Yes No Not reported
Sekulic M [Am J Clin Pathol] [48] 2 May Yes (HTP, HF, CKD, gout, LC, obesity) 15.5 Bilateral serosanguineous pleural effusion, consolidation, congestion Yes No Yes
Aguiar D [Int J Legal Med] [49] 1 May Yes (obesity) Not reported Consolidation, hemorrhagic edema, pleural effusion Yes No Yes
Fox SE [Lancet Respir Med] [50] 10 May Yes (HTP, DM, obesity, immunosuppression) 11.6 Weight gain, pulmonary thromboembolism, edema, hemorrhage Yes Yes (pulmonary thromboemboli, microthrombi) No
  1. ALI acute lung injury, CAD coronary artery disease, CKD chronic kidney disease, CLL chronic lymphocytic leukemia, CMML chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CVD cardiovascular diseases, DM diabetes mellitus, HF heart failure, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, HL Hodgkin’s lymphoma, HTN hypertension, LC lung cancer, ND neurodegenerative disease
  2. aConsidered time of manuscript submission
  3. bIn case series, the mean value of available information was reported