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This voluminous issue opens with a mini-series of review papers on the new 2017 WHO classification of Head and Neck tumors. Our readers will have noticed that the number of review papers published in our journal has increased. This is a reasoned decision of the editorial team: our reader survey has shown that review papers on key issues in diagnostic histopathology are highly appreciated. We will attempt to have similar papers following the publication of new WHO ‘Blue Books’.

Molecular subclassification of cancer has become pretty popular and for a variety of cancer types molecular classifications, which often but not always complement classical histological typing, have been published. Birkman et al. (DOI took up the challenge to attempt to use immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization markers as surrogates for the molecular parameters, notably for subtyping of intestinal type gastric cancer. Taking the molecular markers as basis, they...

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