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Plenary Oral Free Paper Sessions


Thursday, 1 September 2011, 11.00–12.00, Hall 5bc

PL-01 Plenary Oral Free Paper Session


Investigation of the correlation between up-regulated ERG expression and PTEN loss with capsular penetration in prostate cancer

R. Dittamore*, R. Nagle, L. Brosch, E. Abril, C. Cortez, A. Algotar, W. Meek, K. McDaniel, E. Dexter, B. Dalkin, G. Pestano

*Roche Diagnostics, Tucson, USA

Objective: Previous studies have demonstrated the existence of ETS gene rearrangement in prostate cancers. TMPRSS2–ERG gene fusion is the most common rearrangement and the overexpression of the ERG oncogene occurred in 50% of localized and metastatic prostate cancers. Studies have identified the relationship between ERG overexpression and PTEN deletions as a critical gateway to predicting poor outcome. We hypothesized that ERG overexpression and PTEN deletions status may correlate with capsular penetration.

Method:From a cohort of 210 fully embedded prostatectomy patients, we selected cases that had capsular...

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