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Table 2 Meta-analytic results for the overall effect

From: An updated meta-analysis of the ego depletion effect

Inclusion k g Q I 2 (%) +k g PET PEESE
Including all depletionsa 142 0.38***(0.31, 0.45) 358.87*** 60.67 31 0.24***(0.16, 0.32) −0.18 0.05
Only reliable depletions 39 0.42***(0.32, 0.51) 49.74 25.08 0 0.42***(0.32, 0.51) 0.79*** 0.56***
  1. Including all depletions all experiment were included, Only reliable depletions only including experiments using attention essay, emotion video, and Stroop as the depleting task, k the number of effect sizes, g the weighted average standardized mean difference, Q Cochran’s Q statistic for statistical heterogeneity, I 2 percentage of variance due to sources other than sampling error, +k the number of experiments imputed by the trim and fill, g′ the (adjusted) estimation of the true effect after experiments have been imputed
  2. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001
  3. aThe five experiments using transcription as the depleting task and the experiment using the difficult math problem were also included