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Corn-based vaccines: current status and prospects

  • Sergio Rosales-MendozaEmail author
  • Cristhian Sández-Robledo
  • Bernardo Bañuelos-Hernández
  • Carlos Angulo


Main conclusion

Corn is an attractive host for vaccine production and oral delivery. The present review provides the current outlook and perspectives for this field.

Among seed-crops, corn represents a key source of biomass for food, fuel production, and other applications. Since the beginning of the development of plant-based vaccines, corn was explored for the production and delivery of vaccines. About a dozen of pathogens have been studied under this technology with distinct degrees of development. A vaccine prototype against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli was evaluated in a phase I clinical trial and several candidates targeting bacterial and viral diseases are under preclinical evaluation. The present review provides an updated outlook on this topic highlighting the employed expression strategies; perspectives for the field are also provided.


Zea mays Maize Seed Vaccine Molecular farming Oral immunization Gamma zein promoter Vacuole targeting 



Current investigations from the group are supported by CONACYT/México (Grant CB-2008-01, 102109 to SRM and Grant CB-2010-01, 151818 to CA) and FAI/UASLP/2014 to SRM.

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