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Expression analyses of three members of the AtPHO1 family reveal differential interactions between signaling pathways involved in phosphate deficiency and the responses to auxin, cytokinin, and abscisic acid

  • Cécile Ribot
  • Yong Wang
  • Yves PoirierEmail author
Original Article


The PHO1 protein is involved in loading inorganic phosphate (Pi) to the root xylem. Ten genes homologous to AtPHO1 are present in the Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heyn genome. From this gene family, transcript levels of only AtPHO1, AtPHO1;H1 and AtPHO1;H10 were increased by Pi-deficiency. While the up-regulation of AtPHO1;H1 and AtPHO1;H10 by Pi deficiency followed the same rapid kinetics and was dependent on the PHR1 transcription factor, phosphite only strongly suppressed the expression of AtPHO1;H1 and had a minor effect on AtPHO1;H10. Addition of sucrose was found to increase transcript levels of both AtPHO1 and AtPHO1;H1 in Pi-sufficient or Pi-deficient plants, but to suppress AtPHO1:H10 under the same conditions. Treatments of plants with auxin or cytokinin had contrasting effect depending on the gene and on the Pi status of the plants. Thus, while both hormones down-regulated expression of AtPHO1 independently of the plant Pi status, auxin and cytokinin up-regulated AtPHO1;H1 and AtPHO1;H10 expression in Pi-sufficient plants and down-regulated expression in Pi-deficient plants. Treatments with abscisic acid inhibited AtPHO1 and AtPHO1;H1 expression in both Pi-sufficient and Pi-deficient plants, but increased AtPHO1;H10 expression under the same conditions. The inhibition of expression by abscisic acid of AtPHO1 and AtPHO1;H1, and of the Pi-starvation responsive genes AtPHT1;1 and AtIPS1, was dependant on the ABI1 type 2C protein phosphatase. These results reveal that various levels of cross talk between the signal transduction pathways to Pi, sucrose and phytohormones are involved in the regulation of expression of the three AtPHO1 homologues.


Abscisic acid Arabidopsis Auxin Cytokinin PHO1 Phosphate PHR1 



2,4-Dichlorophenoxy-acetic acid


Abscisic acid


Abscisic acid insensitive 1


Inorganic phosphate


Phosphate starvation response 1


Phosphate deficient 1



This research was funded, in part, from a FNS grant (3100A0-105874) to YP, as well as from the Herbette Foundation and the Etat de Vaud. The authors are grateful to Javier Paz-Ares (Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Madrid) for providing seeds of phr1 mutant and Hatem Rouached (University of Lausanne) for critical reading of the manuscript.


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