A holistic approach for local buckling of composite laminated beams under compressive load


The present paper deals with a new holistic closed-form analytical model for the local buckling load of thin-walled composite beams with I-, Z-, C-, L- and T-cross sections under axial compressive load. The beam is simply supported at both ends (Euler case II), and the plate behaviour of web and flanges is described by the Classical Laminated Plate Theory. Furthermore, symmetric and orthotropic laminates are considered. In previous investigations on composite beams under compression, the web and flange plates are considered as separate composite plates. The present analysis is performed using the Ritz method in which an approach for the entire cross section is realized. The individual webs and flanges of the beam are assembled by suitable continuity conditions into one system. In order to achieve that, new displacement shape functions for web and flange that fulfil all boundary conditions have been developed. The present closed-form analytical method enables the explicit representation of the buckling load for the entire composite beam under axial compression. The comparison between the present approach and comparative finite element simulations shows a very satisfactory agreement. The present method is ideal for pre-designing such structures, highly efficient in terms of computational effort and very suitable for practical engineering work.

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