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On the coupling dynamics between thermally stressed beams and granular chains


The in-situ measurement of thermal stress in slender beams, or long continuous welded rails, may prevent structural anomalies. With this aim, we investigated the coupling dynamics between a beam and the highly nonlinear solitary waves propagating along a straight granular chain in contact with the beam. We hypothesized that these waves can be used to measure the stress of thermally loaded structures, or to infer the neutral temperature, i.e., the temperature at which this stress is null. We studied numerically and experimentally the mechanical interaction of one and two straight chains of spherical particles in contact with a prismatic beam that is subjected to heat. The results show that certain features of the waves are affected by the beam’s stress. In the future, these findings may be used to develop a novel nondestructive evaluation technique for the prediction of neutral temperature and thermal buckling.

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This project was supported by the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration under contract DTFR53-12-C-00014. Partial support came from the U.S. National Science Foundation grant CMMI 1200259. We thank Mr. Charles “Scooter” Hager for helping in the design and construction of the house-built steel frame.

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  • Highly nonlinear solitary waves
  • Vibration
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Thermal stress
  • Granular chains
  • Neutral temperature
  • Discrete particle model