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Functional and high-resolution retinal imaging monitoring photoreceptor damage in acute macular neuroretinopathy



To report functional and high-resolution retinal imaging abnormalities, including adaptive optics (AO) throughout the course of acute macular neuroretinopathy (AMNR).


Two female patients (four eyes) with a diagnosis of AMNR were observed at the Clinical Investigation Center, CHNO des Quinze-Vingts, Paris, France. The patients underwent detailed ophthalmic examination including best-corrected visual acuity, slit-lamp examination, kinetic and static perimetry, full-field and multifocal electroretinogram, infrared reflectance, autofluorescence imaging and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) and AO fundus imaging at presentation and during follow-up.


Both cases showed concomitant loss of integrity of the outer retinal structures on SD-OCT, and marked abnormalities on AO imaging with disruption of the visibility of the cone mosaic. In the first case, photoreceptor damage was seen to progress during several weeks before healing. In both cases, there were persistent morphological abnormalities of photoreceptors 1 year after onset.


This study further highlights the value of AO fundus imaging to facilitate detection, mapping, and monitoring of damage to the cone outer segments during AMNR. In particular, residual damage to the cone mosaic can be precisely documented.

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The authors are grateful to patients reported in this study, to the staff from Imagine Eyes for their technical support, and to the orthoptists, nurses, and study coordinators from the CIC503, as well as to the librarian of Quinze-Vingts hospital for her assistance with reference articles.

None of the co-authors have a commercial relationship in relation associated with the data presented in this study.

The project was financially supported by the ANR TecSan 09–09 iPhot and Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB FFB center grant C-GE-0912-0601-INSERM02), and by IA FFB grant N°: CD-CL-0808-0466-CHNO).

Conflict of interest statement

All authors certify that they have NO affiliations with or involvement in any organization or entity with any financial interest (such as honoraria; educational grants; participation in speakers’ bureaus; membership, employment, consultancies, stock ownership, or other equity interest; and expert testimony or patent-licensing arrangements), or non-financial interest (such as personal or professional relationships, affiliations, knowledge, or beliefs) in the subject matter or materials discussed in this manuscript.

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Correspondence to Isabelle Audo.

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Isabelle Audo and Kiyoko Gocho contributed equally to this work.

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Below is the link to the electronic supplementary material.

Supplementary figure

Outer nuclear layer mapping for case 1 at presentation and 9 months and case 2 at 9 and 18 months after onset revealed ONL thinning. (PDF 1592 kb)

Supplementary material

video showing close-up follow-up adaptive optics images of Fig. 4 from the left eye for Case 1, taken from the 2° nasal 2° superior from the foveal center, shows similar pattern of abnormalities as for the right eye, i.e., sharp hyporeflective lesion at presentation, increased in lesion size then decrease with persistent abnormalities at M12 and patchy hyper reflective dots. Scale bar shows 100 μm. (GIF 2924 kb)

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