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Table 2 Median peak head velocities [with their first (Q1) and third quartiles (Q3)] and median VOR gain (as calculated by the VHIT system) for rightwards and leftwards horizontal head impulses

From: Comparison of three video head impulse test systems for the diagnosis of bilateral vestibulopathy

  Rightwards horizontal VHIT Leftwards horizontal VHIT
VHIT system Peak head velocity Q1|Q3 VOR gain Peak head velocity Q1|Q3 VOR gain
Interacoustics 207 183|229 0.22 198 175|217 0.28
Otometrics 215 192|240 0.32 209 186|231 0.33
Synapsys 178 156|200 − 0.04 166 135|195 − 0.04
  1. There was a statistically significant difference in peak head velocities between the three systems. Both peak head velocity and VOR gain were lower in Synapsys than in the other two systems