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Table 1 Differences between VHIT systems, when diagnosing BV only based on VOR gains

From: Comparison of three video head impulse test systems for the diagnosis of bilateral vestibulopathy

Diagnosis according to VHIT results Interacoustics
(N = 45)
(N = 46)
(N = 28)
All patients
(N = 46)
Bilateral vestibulopathy 76% 80% 86% 72%
No bilateral vestibulopathy 24% 20% 14% 11%
No agreement between systems 16% Otometrics
24% Synapsys
16% Interacoustics
17% Synapsys
24% Interacoustics
17% Otometrics
  1. Horizontal VOR gain of < 0.6 was classified as “bilateral vestibulopathy”, a VOR gain of ≥ 0.6 was classified as “no bilateral vestibulopathy”. In case VHIT systems showed a discrepancy in diagnosis of BV, the patient was classified as “no agreement”. Not all patients were tested with all three systems since systems were not always available at time of testing