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Stephen William Kuffler (1913–1980)

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We are grateful for the support from the Mackie Family Collection in the History of Neuroscience, the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, the O’Brien Institute for Public Health (all: Calgary), and acknowledge an award of the Ethics Office of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, an Open Operating Grant (no/EOG-123690) from CIHR, as well as an international internship for Vincent von Hoeckendorf through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Rise Program (Foeprmnr/57197520). We graciously thank Dr. Thomas Sears (University College London), Dr. John Stein (University of Oxford), and Dr. Paul Weindling (Oxford Centre for the History of Medicine) for their assistance. Lastly, we thank Tyler A. W. Burke (Calgary) for his revision of the English language of this article.

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