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Population genetic data and forensic parameters of the 27 Y-STR panel Yfiler® Plus in Russian population

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International Journal of Legal Medicine Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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This is the first report of a nation-wide study of the 27-STR Yfiler® Plus panel in the population of the Russian Federation. A total of 691 unrelated males from 89 locations split into seven subpopulations were analysed. Forensic parameters, haplotype and allele frequencies and presented. Inter-population comparison indicated the biggest genetic differences with the population of Italy and the smallest with that of Hungary. Haplogroup R1a was the most common and haplogroup J2a4h was the rarest in the Russian population.

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Data availability

Genotyping data are available electronically as supplementing material and also from the corresponding author upon request.

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Paper preparation: AS; Data analysis: AS; Data collection: YK, DS, VZ, TM; DNA extraction, PCR, genotyping: VI, VZ, YK, TM, DS; General laboratory supervision: VZ, YK, DS. Manuscript review: AS, YK, DS, TM.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Andrei Semikhodskii.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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