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Table 1 Observational results for the time of bleaching for each bone type. First signs indicates that bleaching had started, and more than one area was affected. Unsuccessful refers to bone which had not bleached by the end of the season or by the 8th week in the desert environment experiment

From: Establishing a minimum PMI for bone sun bleaching in a UK environment with a controlled desert-simulated comparison

Observational results Femur Scapula Rib Shaded
Summer First signs 6 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks 9 weeks
Advanced bleaching 9 weeks 9 weeks 9 weeks Unsuccessful
Winter First signs 9 weeks 9 weeks 9 weeks Unsuccessful
Advanced bleaching Unsuccessful 13 weeks Unsuccessful Unsuccessful
Desert First signs 1 week N/A 1 week Unsuccessful
Advanced bleaching Unsuccessful N/A Unsuccessful Unsuccessful