Table 5 Exact and simulated values are shown for 14 SNP markers with minor allele frequency 0.4 for a two person mixture

From: Exclusion probabilities and likelihood ratios with applications to mixtures

x \(\bar {F}_{d}(x)\) \(\widehat {\bar {F}}_{d}(x)\) \(\bar {F}_{p}(x)\) \(\widehat {\bar {F}}_{p}(x)\)
0 2.134E-01 2.134E-01 1.000E+00 1.000E+00
1 1.425E-01 1.426E-01 9.596E-01 9.597E-01
101 1.932E-02 1.934E-02 5.707E-01 5.707E-01
102 6.776E-04 6.768E-04 1.442E-01 1.440E-01
103 8.654E-06 8.642E-06 1.565E-02 1.559E-02
104 4.547E-08 4.535E-08 7.688E-04 7.580E-04
105 1.287E-10 1.302E-10 1.993E-05 2.110E-05
106 1.773E-13 6.967E-14 2.626E-07 2.000E-07
  1. Column 2 is \(\bar {F}_{d}(x)=P(LR(\mathcal {H}_{d})>x)\) exactly calculated. The hat in column 3 indicates the estimate based on importance sampling from \(\mathcal {H}_{p}\). Then, \(\bar {F}_{p}(x)=P(LR(\mathcal {H}_{p})>x)\) is calculated exactly in column 4 and by direct simulation from \(\mathcal {H}_{p}\) in the rightmost column. All calculations are done using the R package DNAprofiles and 107 simulations were performed (15 s of computing time was required to produce the table). Exact and simulated values agree well