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Population genetics of 17 Y-chromosomal STRs loci in Garo and Santal tribal populations in Bangladesh

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Allele frequencies and haplotype diversity of 17 Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci included in Y-filer™ PCR amplification kit were studied in 120 Garo and 139 Santal male individuals residing in two distinct regions of Bangladesh. A total of 99 different haplotypes from Garo and 129 different haplotypes from Santal individuals were observed with a corresponding discrimination capacity (DC) of 0.825 and 0.928, respectively. A comparison of the studied data with the published data from Y-STR haplotype reference database (YHRD) based on AMOVA revealed that the Garo population is closely related to Tripuri population from Tripura, India and Santal population moderately close to Munda population from Jharkhand, India. The mainstream Bengali population resides at a significant genetic distance from these two studied populations.

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This study was supported by the Multi-Sectoral Program on Violence Against Women (MSPVAW), Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to Sharif Akhteruzzaman.

Electronic supplementary material

Below is the link to the electronic supplementary material.

Fig. S1

Map of Bangladesh showing locations of the populations used in this study. (JPEG 145 kb)

Fig. S2

Multidimensional scaling (MDS) plot based on pairwise Rst values between Garo, Santal and other published population data from Asia (stress value = 0.0234). (JPEG 103 kb)

Table S1

Allele Frequencies and Gene Diversity for 17 Y-STR markers in 120 unrelated Garo males (DOCX 18 kb)

Table S2

Allele Frequencies and Gene Diversity for 17 Y-STR markers in 139 unrelated Santal males (DOCX 18 kb)

Table S3

Rst genetic distances (below diagonal) and Rst P values (above diagonal) for pairwise comparisons of Garo, Santal and other 10 Asian populations. (DOCX 15 kb)

Table S4

Y Chromosome haplotypes detected from 120 unrelated males in Garo population residing in Bangladesh. (DOC 268 kb)

Table S5

Y Chromosome haplotypes detected from 139 unrelated males in Santal population residing in Bangladesh. (DOC 333 kb)

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Hasan, M., Momtaz, P., Hosen, I. et al. Population genetics of 17 Y-chromosomal STRs loci in Garo and Santal tribal populations in Bangladesh. Int J Legal Med 129, 251–252 (2015).

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