Genetic polymorphism of 17 Y chromosomal STRs in the Rusyn population sample from Vojvodina Province, Serbia


Seventeen short tandem repeats on the Y chromosome were analyzed in the sample of 200 males of Rusyn origin from the Vojvodina Province, Serbia. We observed 180 different haplotypes; 163 of which were unique and 17 occurred between two and four times. The haplotype diversity was 0.9988, and the discrimination capacity was 0.9. Data are available in the Y chromosome haplotype reference database under accession number YA003631. The obtained results were compared to haplotypes from geographically and linguistically close populations.

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The authors would like to thank all voluntary blood donors and to express their gratitude to Dr Zlatana Nadj from Kula Medical Center and members of Cultural and Artistic Society “Taras Shevchenko,” Djurdjevo for organizing the blood collection campaign. This study was supported by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia, project no. 175093.

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  • Y chromosome
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