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Population studies of 16 bovine STR loci for forensic purposes

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As a consequence of the close integration of cattle into the food chain of humans, forensically relevant cases involving cattle (Bos taurus) DNA analysis are common. However, scientific publications reporting the information content of the commonly used bovine short tandem repeat (STR) loci remains scarce. Population studies were performed for 16 polymorphic STR loci (BM1818, BM1824, BM2113, CSRM60, CSSM66, ETH3, ETH10, ETH225, HAUT27, ILSTS006, INRA023, SPS115, TGLA53, TGLA122, TGLA126, and TGLA227) including 4,162 randomly selected cattle representing 20 distinct breeds. The power of parental exclusion, expected and observed heterozygosity, probability of identity, and non-amplifying (“null”) allele frequencies were calculated. Major differences existed in the information content between different cattle breeds. The selection of 16 STR loci, partially recommended by International Society for Animal Genetics as the minimum standard needed for bovine STR typing, was sufficient for forensic analysis. Furthermore, the efficacy of the loci was assessed in assigning unknown individuals to the correct breed based on genotype data. The individual assignment tests provided excellent success in several breeds.

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