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FT-IR investigations on effect of high doses of gamma radiation-induced damage to polystyrene and mechanism of formation of radiolysis products

  • P. Vivek Vardhan
  • Lata Israni Shukla
Original Article


The present article focuses on the influence of gamma irradiation and post-irradiation storage conditions on FT-IR spectra of 1 mm thick polystyrene irradiated with 51, 77 and 129 kGy. The increase in amplitude corresponding to 3600, 3400 and 2100 cm− 1 stretching frequencies clearly showing the formation of O–H and C=O bonds (~ 25%). On prolonged storage (2160 h) in the dark, there is an increase in O–H group (~ 28%). The electron cloud facilitates the formation of hydroxyl group in irradiated polystyrene. The post-irradiation treatment with heat conversely showed a reduction of O–H, C–H and C=O (9–16%) groups due to radical–radical recombination at higher temperatures and light intensities. This investigation finds its applications in memory devices, optical sensors, radiation dosimetry and different space and radiation facilities.


Gamma irradiation Polystyrene FT-IR Radiolysis Storage effect Cold sterilization 



We gratefully acknowledge Mr. P. Thillaimani (Technical Officer) and the technical assistants at Central Instrumentation Facility, Pondicherry University. This work was supported by DST-FIST [SR/FST/LSI-366/2008 Dt.18.02.2009] and UGC-SAP [F.4 − 2/2015/DRS-III/(SAP-II) Dt. 31.03.2015].

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  1. 1.Department of Biotechnology, School of Life SciencesPondicherry UniversityPuducherryIndia

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