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Residence time of S-type anatectic magmas beneath the Neogene Volcanic Province of SE Spain: a zircon and monazite SHRIMP study

  • Bernardo CesareEmail author
  • Maria Teresa Gómez-Pugnaire
  • Daniela Rubatto
Original Paper


Zircon and monazite from three restitic enclaves and one host dacite have been dated by ion microprobe (SHRIMP), with the aim of characterising their Miocene history and defining the timing relationships between crustal melting and eruption in the high-K calc-alkaline volcanics of the Neogene Volcanic Province of SE Spain. The studied samples are from the volcanic edifices of El Joyazo (Cerro del Hoyazo) and Mazarrón. Zircons in the enclaves are characterized by a thin euhedral rim overgrowing a detrital core. The core-rim boundary is marked by tiny glass inclusions of S-type granitic composition, which attest to the growth of zircon rims during a crustal melting event. At El Joyazo, where lavas erupted at 6.3 Ma (Zeck and Williams 2002), U-Pb ages of zircon overgrowths define an age of anatexis of 9.63±0.26 Ma (95% c.l.), in agreement with monazite ages of 9.74±0.21 Ma (95% c.l.). At Mazarrón, the age of anatexis provided by monazite at 9.13±0.18 Ma (95% c.l.) overlaps with that of melt-precipitated zircon in the host dacite, dated at 9.06±0.53 Ma (95% c.l.). These results indicate that after partial melting, the enclaves and the syngenetic S-type melts resided at depth for >3 m.y. at El Joyazo. Compared with the results from Mazarrón, the long residence time obtained at El Joyazo is probably due to the greater depth of melting (c. 25 km vs. c. 15 km). At such depth, corresponding to the Miocene palaeo-Moho, the more ductile regime of the crust is likely to have favoured magma ponding. The thermal anomaly beneath the Neogene Volcanic Province, which generated the S-type crustal melts, is today visible from geophysical data and can be traced back to the Lower Miocene. As a consequence, residence times longer than determined in this work may be expected.


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Many thanks to M. Fernández, A.M. Fioretti, S. Meli, and S. Tommasini for discussions, and to A. Möller, M. Bröcker, S. Turner and I. Williams for their thoughtful reviews. We acknowledge funding from the Università di Padova (Progetti di Ricerca) and C.N.R. (Westmed Euromargins ESF Eurocore) to B.C. and from Project BTE-2000-1489 (MCT) and RNM-145 (JA) to M.T.G-P. D.R thanks the Electron Microscopy Unit at the Australian National University for access to the SEM facilities and the Institute of Advanced Studies for financial support.


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  • Maria Teresa Gómez-Pugnaire
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  • Daniela Rubatto
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  2. 2.C.N.R. Istituto di Geoscienze e GeorisorseCorso Garibaldi 37PadovaItaly
  3. 3.Departamento de Mineralogía y PetrologíaFacultad de Ciencias, Universidad de GranadaGranadaSpain
  4. 4.Research School of Earth SciencesAustralian National UniversityCanberraAustralia
  5. 5.Department of GeologyAustralian National UniversityCanberra Australia

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