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, Volume 69, Issue 2, pp 153–215

Felice Casorati’s work on finite differences and its influence on Salvatore Pincherle


DOI: 10.1007/s00407-014-0143-7

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Rosso, R. Arch. Hist. Exact Sci. (2015) 69: 153. doi:10.1007/s00407-014-0143-7


This paper, which is mainly based on unpublished material, focuses on the scientific influence that Felice Casorati exerted on Salvatore Pincherle. This influence can be traced, in particular, in Casorati’s work on the finite-difference calculus as conceived and published between 1879 and 1880 when Pincherle was living in Pavia. Casorati’s work has an interesting back story related to his entry to the 1880 Grand Prix of the French Académie des Sciences that helps us in understanding Casorati’s personality. Moreover, the correspondence that Casorati exchanged with other mathematicians on his work reveals that some of the results contained in Casorati (Annali di Matematica pura ed applicata 10(S. II):10–45, 1880b) had been obtained—though in a narrower context—in an early paper by Christoffel. Finally, the letters between Casorati and Pincherle contain a short unpublished note by Pincherle on a paper by Jules Tannery (Ann Sci. l’École Norm Super 4(S. II):113–182, 1875). This note offers the first evidence of the influence of Casorati (Annali di Matematica pura ed applicata 10(S. II):10–45, 1880b) on Pincherle’s work on the finite-difference calculus.

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