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Study on wideband tympanometry and absorbance within a Danish cohort of normal hearing adults



The objectives of this study was to present wideband tympanometry (WBT) data and absorbance with normal hearing and normal middle ear status.


Data were collected in 99 adult Caucasians with normal hearing and middle ear status. Energy absorbance was measured with an Interacoustics© Titan® using clicks for 1/24-octave frequency-intervals (0.226–8 kHz) with the ear canal air pressure alternated using a descending pressure sweep from + 250 to − 350 daPa.


From the wideband energy absorbance tympanograms, the mean energy absorbance tympanogram, wideband averaged tympanogram and parameters such as ear canal volume, middle ear pressure and resonance frequency were determined.


This study established a dataset containing descriptive analysis of wideband tympanograms and its derived parameters in Caucasian adults with normal hearing and normal middle ear conditions. The data presented in this study may serve as a future reference for WBT studies with Caucasian adults.

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The authors would like to thank Sif Teilmann-Ibsen, Audiologist at Aalborg University Hospital for thorough and precise work with gathering of data for this study.

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