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Prognostic factors for profound sudden idiopathic sensorineural hearing loss: a multicenter retrospective study

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The aim of this study was to assess the outcomes of various treatment modalities for profound idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL) and confirm the prognostic factors. In total, 191 patients were enrolled after a thorough medical chart review of patients diagnosed with unilateral, profound ISSNHL (≥90 dB). Epidemiological profiles, therapeutic regimens, and the results of pure tone audiometry tests were recorded for all patients. Final recovery was assessed according to Siegel’s criteria and by comparing the final hearing level of the affected ear with that of the unaffected ear. The mean follow-up duration and the final hearing level were 75 ± 54 days and 77 ± 24 dB, respectively. None of the evaluated prognostic factors were significantly associated with complete recovery (<25 dB). However, improved hearing in both ears, the absence of dizziness, the use of lipo-prostaglandin E1 (lipo-PGE1), and the use of plasma volume expanders were independently associated with a final hearing level of up to 45 dB (p < 0.05). Steroid dose reduction, worse initial hearing, and non-use of lipo-PGE1 increased the possibility of no recovery. Although the efficacy of oral steroid treatment for profound ISSNHL has been questioned, steroid dose reduction was significantly associated with no recovery. Therefore, adequate oral corticosteroid doses should be considered in the absence of contraindications. In addition, the use of lipo-PGE1 and/or a plasma volume expander seems preferable for better recovery, and their use for the management of profound ISSNHL should be considered.

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This study was supported by the Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), funded by the Ministry of Education (NRF-2014R1A1A1002911 for D.K.K.) (NRF-2015R1D1A3A01018881 for Y.H.P.).

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