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Stapes malformations: the contribute of the endoscopy for diagnosis and surgery


The aim of this study is to investigate the contribute of the endoscopic exclusive transcanalar approach for the management of stapes malformations. A retrospective chart review was made at our tertiary referral centers. 17 patients with stapes malformations underwent surgery with endoscopic exclusive transcanal approach. A complete audiological and radiological assessment before and after surgery was performed. 12/17 (70 %) underwent a surgical endoscopic correction, In case of fixed platina underwent five endoscopic stapedotomy and one endoscopic stapedectomy were performed. In case of mobile platina five endoscopic ossiculoplasties with partial ossiculoplasty replacement prosthesis were performed, 3 with autologous remodeling incus and 2 with malleus head remodeling. In 1 case, only an endoscopic stapes mobilization was made. In 5/17 (30 %), due to difficult anatomical findings an endoscopic explorative tympanotomy was finally performed. The mean preoperative air conduction (AC), bone conduction (BC) and air-bone gap (ABG) were, respectively, 60.7, 26.3 and 34.4 dB. The mean postoperative AC, BC and ABG were, respectively, 33.8, 26.5 and 7.3 dB, with a mean improvement of the ABG of 27.1 dB. Discharge from hospital was on the first post-surgery day. No relevant postoperative complications were noted. The median follow-up was 3.6 years (range 1–6). The endoscopic approach results very adequate for the diagnosis and treatment of stapes malformations, checking variations of the ossicles conformation and functioning and performing safe surgery, under direct control of middle ear structures.

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These cases were derived from the Otolaryngology Department, University Hospital of Verona and Modena.

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  • Stapes malformations
  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Endoscopic stapedotomy
  • Posterior mesotympanum anatomy
  • Middle ear endoscopic exploration