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Effect of amlodipine on blood flow of preovulatory follicle in women with clomiphene resistant polycystic ovaries: a randomized controlled trial



To detect whether amlodipine could increase pre-ovulatory follicular blood flow, thus enhancing ovulation and creating a better chance of conception in women with PCOS.


165 women were screened of which 124 were qualified and women were equally randomized to 62 receiving clomiphene citrate and amlodipine and 62 receiving clomiphene citrate and placebo. The primary outcome was to detect if amlodipine can improve pre-ovulatory follicle blood flow studied by colour and power Doppler Pulsatility index of ovarian arteries, with drug administration. The secondary outcomes were endometrial thickness and clinical pregnancy.


The mean value of the ovarian arteries Pulsatility Index was significantly lower in the amlodipine group when compared to those of the placebo group (1.36 and 1.82, respectively, with P value 0.002). Mean endometrial thickness, for all women in both groups, on the day of detecting a mature follicle was significantly higher in the amlodipine group compared to the placebo group (8.99 and 7.0, respectively, with P value 0.003), and clinical pregnancy increased from 11% to 37% in the amlodipine group compared to the placebo group.


Amlodipine improves ovarian blood flow and increases the chances of conception.

Trial registration

Pan African Clinical Trial Registry ( Trial No: PAC TR201708002485292.

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