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Management of endometrial, ovarian and cervical cancer in the elderly: current approach to a challenging condition

  • Salvatore Giovanni Vitale
  • Stella CapriglioneEmail author
  • Gabriella Zito
  • Salvatore Lopez
  • Ferdinando Antonio Gulino
  • Federica Di Guardo
  • Amerigo Vitagliano
  • Marco Noventa
  • Valentina Lucia La Rosa
  • Fabrizio Sapia
  • Gaetano Valenti
  • Agnese Maria Chiara Rapisarda
  • Isabel Peterlunger
  • Diego Rossetti
  • Antonio Simone Laganà



Gynaecological cancer management in older people represents a current challenge. Therefore, in the present paper, we aimed to gather all the evidence reported in the literature concerning gynecological cancers in the elderly, illustrating the state of art and the future perspectives.


We searched MEDLINE (PubMed), EMBASE, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, IBECS, BIOSIS, Web of Science, SCOPUS and Grey literature (Google Scholar; British Library) from January 1952 to May 2017, using the terms “ovarian cancer”, “endometrial cancer”, “cervical cancer”, “gynecological cancers” combined with ‘elderly’, ‘cancer’, ‘clinical trial’ and ‘geriatric assessment’.


The search identified 81 citations, of which 65 were potentially relevant after initial evaluation and met the criteria for inclusion and were analyzed. We divided all included studies into three different issue: “Endometrial cancer”, “Ovarian cancer” and “Cervical cancer”.


The present literature review shows that, in spite of the higher burden of comorbidities, elderly patients can also benefit from standard treatment to manage their gynecological cancers. It is important to overcome the common habit of undertreating the elderly patients because they are more fragile and with a lower life expectancy than their younger counterpart. Further trials with elderly women are warranted.


Gynaecological cancers Elderly Ovarian cancer Cervical cancer Endometrial cancer 


Author contributions

Substantial contributions to conception and design: Salvatore GV, SC, SL, FAG, ASL. Drafting and revising the artic1e critically for important intellectual content: GZ, AV, MN, VLR, FS, GV, AMCR. Final approval of the version to be published: IP, DR.


This work was not supported by any grant or other form of funding.

Compliance with ethical standards

Conflict of interest

The authors have no proprietary, financial, professional or other personal interest of any nature in any product, service or company. The authors alone are responsible for the content and writing of the paper.


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