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Cancer in pregnancy. Part I: basic diagnostic and therapeutic principles and treatment of gynecological malignancies

  • Friederike Hoellen
  • Roland Reibke
  • Katrin Hornemann
  • Marc Thill
  • Doerte W. Luedders
  • Katharina Kelling
  • Amadeus Hornemann
  • Michael K. Bohlmann
Gynecologic Oncology



Cancer in pregnancy is a rare circumstance. However, the coincidence of pregnancy and malignancy is supposed to increase due to a general tendency of postponing childbearing to older age. To date, clinical guidelines are scarce and experience regarding therapeutic management is limited to case reports.


This review focuses on general diagnostic and therapeutic principles including systemic therapy for malignancies in pregnancy.


In part I, we report on diagnosis and therapy of gynecological tumors.


The diagnosis of gestational cancer faces both oncologist and obstetrician to the dilemma of applying appropriate diagnostic techniques and adequate local and systemic therapy to an expectant mother without harming the fetus.


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