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Primary peritoneal clear cell adenocarcinoma arising in previous abdominal scar for endometriosis surgery

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Endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer arising from the surgical incision site is an unusual clinical entity.


A 37-year-old woman presented with a chief complaint of progressive swelling of the mons pubis. The patient was status post laparotomy for endometrioma/endometriosis 10 years ago. MRI showed a heterogeneous multiseptated large cystic mass within the mons pubis measuring 14 × 13.4 × 10.6 cm. Initial cytoreductive surgery revealed no evidence of tumor in the peritoneal cavity. The surgery was suboptimal due to severe adhesions to the symphysis pubis. The secondary cytoreductive surgery performed after six cycles of taxotere and carboplatin was optimal. Macroscopically, the tumor was a dusky pink-purple and contained a dense white-gray to light yellow gelatinous area. The tumor was a malignant cystic and glandular neoplasm. Immunohistochemical stains included CK7(+), CK5/6(−), EMA(+), Ber-Ep4(+), Calretinin(−), ER(−), and PR(−).


Primary peritoneal clear cell adenocarcinoma arising from an abdominal scar associated with prior endometrioma/endometriosis surgery was first reported.

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