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The effect of metformin treatment to ovarian response in cases with PCOS

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Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics Aims and scope Submit manuscript



To examine the effect of metformin therapy on ovarian response in clomiphene-resistant PCOS patients.


Randomized prospective study.


Zeynep Kamil Hospital IVF Center.


Thirty-two female PCOS patients with clomiphene citrate resistance.


Test group A received 2×850 mg/day metformin therapy for 8 weeks, followed by gonadotropin induction. Only gonadotropin induction was applied to Control group B.

Main outcome measures.

Total gonadotropin dosage, duration of gonadotropin therapy, estradiol level on HCG-day, number of follicles with ≥16 mm diameter, number of cases with hyperstimulation development, number of cancelled cycles, endometrial thickness on HCG-day, pregnancy outcome, multiple pregnancy rate.


The total gonadotropin doses given to metformin-study group was significantly lower than the control group. In addition, duration of therapy, HCG level, plasma estradiol level on HCG-day in the study group was significantly lower than in the control group.


Metformin therapy has led to a higher pregnancy outcome, as well as to a decrease in hyperstimulation risk, cycle cancellations, and multiple pregnancy rates with a lower gonadotropin dosage.

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