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Psoriasis increased the risk of diabetes: a meta-analysis

  • Juan ChengEmail author
  • Dayu Kuai
  • Li Zhang
  • Xueqin Yang
  • Bing Qiu
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To evaluate the association between psoriasis and risk of diabetes, pertinent studies were identified by searching electronic databases and by reviewing the reference lists of retrieved articles. We included observational studies that examined the association between psoriasis and risk of diabetes. Two reviewers independently assessed eligibility and used a standardized form to collect data from published studies. The study quality was assessed by the Newcastle–Ottawa Scale. A total of 22 eligible studies that included 3,307,516 participants fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Compared to individuals without psoriasis, subjects with psoriasis had a 1.42-fold increased risk of diabetes (95% CI, 1.40–1.45). Findings from this meta-analysis suggest that individuals with psoriasis may have a modestly increased risk of diabetes.


Diabetes Psoriasis Meta-analysis 



This research was supported by the Institute of Medical Information & Library, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College (CAMS & PUMC).

Conflict of interest

No conflict of interest existed for any of the authors.


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