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En-bloc resection of a chordoma in L3 by a combined open posterior and less invasive retroperitoneal approach: technical description and case report



To fulfill oncological criteria, extensive open anterior and posterior approaches are usually performed in the lumbar spine to obtain an appropriate en-bloc spondylectomy. It is commonly accepted that the price of a tumor-free margin includes such extensive incisions and soft-tissue damage, with consequent relevant blood loss and possible postoperative complications as delayed wound healing. In this article, a case of chordoma in L3 is presented, submitted to an oncologically appropriate en-bloc resection performed by an open posterior approach combined with a mini-retroperitoneal approach. The successful oncologic procedure was combined with a short and uneventful postoperative course.

Materials and methods

The authors present the surgical technique and the possible challenges of minimally invasive anterior oncologic surgery as a contribution to a limited literature.


Up to date, palliative care of single metastases has been the main setting in which anterior, minimally invasive surgery has been performed in the lumbar spine. The authors explained how, in selected cases, this approach can be performed in combination with an open posterior access for an oncologically appropriate treatment of a primary malignant tumor.


Anterior, minimally invasive surgery can have a role in selected patients with primary malignant tumors of the lumbar spine. The surgical team should have extensive training both in oncologic and minimally invasive surgery.

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