Arthroscopic treatment of a one-fourth anteroinferior glenoid comminuted fracture-dislocation with concomitant three-part complex proximal humerus fracture in a middle-aged man: a case report



Proximal humeral fracture-dislocations can occur in high-energy traumas. This injury can be accompanied by a glenoid fracture; however, it is a rare type of complex injury in patients aged under 60 years.

Materials and methods

A 53-year-old man presented with a three-part fracture-dislocation of the proximal humerus and a severely comminuted glenoid fracture. For the glenohumeral dislocation and proximal humeral fracture, we performed closed reduction using a threaded Steinman pin and fixation with percutaneous cannulated screws. Using arthroscopy, while maintaining humeral traction with the Steinman pin, the intra-articular glenoid fragments were reduced and then fixed with a buttressing headless screw and one suture anchor. After a 6-week immobilization with a shoulder spica cast, rehabilitation was initiated.


We confirmed bony union of the fracture sites after 6 months post-surgery. The patient showed excellent clinical outcomes with a nearly full range of motion without instability


We reported a successful outcome for a complex proximal humeral fracture involving the glenoid using closed reduction and fixation for the proximal humeral fracture and arthroscopic reduction and fixation for the comminuted anteroinferior glenoid fracture.

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