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Table 2 Results of the scapholunate and radiolunate angle before surgery and at final follow-up of the injured and uninjured contralateral wrist (mean and standard deviation)

From: Clinical and radiological results of the vascularized medial femoral condyle graft for scaphoid non-union

  Before surgery (SD) Final follow-up (SD) Uninjured contralateral side (SD) p value (pre- vs. postoperatively)
All scaphoids (n = 38)
Scapholunate angle (°) 71 (13.7) 65 (12.5) 57 (12) 0.29
Radiolunate angle (°) 28 (11) 18 (9) 9 (6) 0.01
  1. The values of the final follow-up were compared to the preoperative values and contralateral side