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High failure rate 10.8 years after vastus medialis transfer and lateral release (Green’s quadricepsplasty) for recurrent dislocation of the patella

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In adolescent patients with recurrent patellar dislocation, the Green’s quadricepsplasty stabilizes the patella in a combination of a lateral release, a transfer of the medial head of the quadriceps onto the lateral part of the patella and an imbrication of the medial patellar retinaculum and joint capsule. This study aimed to evaluate the long-term performance, considering re-dislocations and functional outcomes. We hypothesized a high failure rate in the long term.


In this single surgeon and single center study 26 knees in 23 patients (mean age 14.2 years; 4–22 years, 18 females) with recurrent patellofemoral dislocation underwent a vastus medialis transfer, medial reefing and lateral release as it was described by Green in 1965 with a mean follow-up 10.8 years (6–24 years). Clinical assessment was carried out with an IKDC-score (international knee documentation committee) and a self-assessment for each knee separately. The radiologic evaluation included measurement of the patella height, the grade of trochlear dysplasia and the sulcus angle.


In 12 of 26 cases (46.2%) the patella did not re-dislocate after vastus medialis transfer and lateral release. In 11 of 26 cases (42.3%), the patients described the function of their knees as normal or nearly normal according to IKDC after the surgical treatment without any re-dislocation. In 14 of 26 cases (53.8%), the patella re-dislocated. 7 of these 14 cases underwent a revision operation. Re-dislocations occurred after a mean interval of 21 months after the index procedure. In only 2 of 26 cases (7.7%) the patients returned to sports.


Green’s procedure to stabilize patellofemoral instabilities results in a high failure rate on the long-term and low subjective assessments. We do not recommend performing vastus medialis transfer, medial imbrication and lateral release as a standalone technique.

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