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Posterolateral lumbar spine fusion using a novel demineralized bone matrix: a controlled case pilot study



Intertransverse posterolateral fusion along with instrumentation is a common technique used for spinal fusion. Iliac crest bone graft (ICBG) offers good fusion success rates with a low risk for disease transmission but is, however, linked with certain morbidity. In an effort to eliminate or reduce the amount of iliac graft needed, bone substitutes including demineralized bone matrix (DBM) have been developed. This study evaluates a novel DBM (Accell Connexus®) used in one or two-level instrumented posterolateral lumbar fusion.

Materials and methods

A total of 59 consecutive patients were studied as two groups. Group 1 consisted of 33 patients having Accell Connexus® used to augment either ICBG or local decompression material. Group 2 consisted of 26 consecutive patients, operated prior to the introduction of this novel DBM, having either ICBG alone or local decompression material. Fusion was assessed by two independent observers, blinded to graft material, using standardized criteria found in the literature. All adverse events were recorded prospectively.


The results show no statistically significant differences between the two groups in fusion rates, complications, surgery duration, ODI, or pain on VAS. Logistical regression showed no relation between fusion and age, smoking status or comorbidities. Furthermore, no adverse events related to the use of the novel DBM were observed.


The results from this study demonstrate that the novel DBM presented performs equally as well as that of autologous bone, be it either ICBG or a local decompression material, and can therefore be used as a graft extender.

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This study was supported by IsoTis OrthoBiologics Inc., Irvine, CA, USA, in the form of a nonprofit research fund.

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