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Table 1 Cohort demographic information

From: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a common co-morbidity, but less frequent primary dementia in former soccer and rugby players

Case no Sex Sport Position Other contact sports Estimated years in sport History of TBI with LOC Family history NDD PMI (days)
1 M Soccer Forward No 18 NA Nil NA
2 M Soccer Defense No 20 Yes Nil 11
3 M Soccer Defense No 35 Yes Nil 4
4 M Soccer Defense No 30 No Mother and brother ‘dementia’ 3
5 M Soccer Forward No 18 No Nil 1
6 M Soccer Defense Rugby 15 No Nil 3
7 M Soccer Defense No 11 No Mother PD 3
8 M Rugby Back No 20 Yes Nil 0.5
9 M Rugby Forward No 35 Yes Brother AD 2
10 M Rugby Forward No 32 Yes Nil 2
11 M Rugby Forward Soccer 28 No Nil 6
  1. AD Alzheimer’s disease, LOC loss of consciousness for less than 30 min, NDD neurodegenerative disease, PD Parkinson’s disease, PMI post-mortem interval, TBI traumatic brain injury