Oscillatory squeezing flow of a biological material


Large-amplitude oscillatory squeezing flow data are reported for a complex biological material, which is highly shear-thinning in oscillatory shear flow. This soft tissue has a linear viscoelastic limit at a strain of approximately 0.2%. The oscillatory squeezing flow data at large strain are analyzed using two constitutive models: a bi-viscosity Newtonian model, and a non-linear Maxwell model. It is found that although both models may have the same response in shape, the later matches with our non-linear experimental data better. It is also concluded that the non-linear response of the material in large amplitude oscillatory flow is mainly due to the shear thinning of the material.

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Received: 9 February 2000/Accepted: 22 February 2000

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Phan-Thien, N., Nasseri, S. & Bilston, L. Oscillatory squeezing flow of a biological material. Rheol. Acta 39, 409–417 (2000). https://doi.org/10.1007/s003970000093

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  • Key words Squeezing flow
  • Rheology constitutive model
  • Kidney