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Controlled placement of polystyrene-grafted CdSe nanoparticles in self-assembled block copolymers


Surface functionalization of semiconductor CdSe nanoparticles has been achieved with polystyrene (PS) brushes by “grafting from” technique for further addition to a polystyrene-b-polybutadiene-b-polystyrene (SBS) block copolymer in order to obtain self-assembled composites. For modification of nanoparticle surface 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GPS) was used at first for the later attachment of the 4,4′-azobis(4-cyanopentanoic acid) azo initiator. Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy confirmed the presence of GPS and PS on the surface of nanoparticles. Atomic force microscopy was used for morphological characterization of SBS/CdSe nanocomposites. Modification of nanoparticles with PS brushes by radical polymerization improved their affinity with PS block and the dispersion of nanoparticles avoiding agglomeration. CdSe nanoparticle size was measured to be around 2 nm by the use of X-ray diffraction and UV–Vis techniques. Optical properties were characterized using fluorescence measurements.

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Financial support is gratefully acknowledged from the Basque Country Government in the frame of Grupos Consolidados (IT-365-07), ETORTEK/inanoGUNE (IE09-243), ETORTEK/nanoIKER (IE11-304) and SAIOTEK 2010 (S-PE10UN40) projects, and the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science for MAT2009-06331 project. The authors also thank the technical and human support provided by SGIker (UPV/EHU, MICINN, GV/EJ, ERDF and ESF). This paper is dedicated in memoriam of Dr. Iñaki Mondragon Egaña.

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