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Colloid chemical characterisation of layered titanates, their hydrophobic derivatives and self-assembled films

  • Szilvia Papp
  • Imre DékányEmail author
Original Contributions


Na2Ti3O7, with layered structure, was prepared from a 1:3 molar mixture of powdered Na2CO3 and TiO2 by heating at 800 °C for 2 h. The Na+ ions were exchanged for H+ ions by hydrochloric acid treatment; next, n-butylamine, n-octylamine, n-decylamine or n-dodecylamine were incorporated at pH=3.6–3.8. It was proven by XRD measurements that, as the length of the alkyl chain of the amines was increased, smaller amounts of amines were intercalated under identical conditions. H2Ti3O7 samples dispersed in liquids of various compositions and polarities were used for the preparation of self-assembled titanate/polymer films for further sensor applications. Titanates, their composites with alkyl amines and the self-assembled hybrid structures were characterized by X-ray diffraction, thermoanalytical, optical, electron and atomic force microscopic measurements.


Trititanate Self-assembling Hybrid films Titanate/polymer nanocomposites 



The authors wish to thank the Hungarian National Scientific Fund (OTKA) T 034430, F 042715 and M045609, for their financial support.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Nanostructured Materials Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of SciencesUniversity of SzegedSzegedHungary
  2. 2.Department of Colloid ChemistryUniversity of SzegedSzegedHungary

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