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Table 5 Interaction analysis of sex and treatment interaction (unadjusted) (n = 1161)

From: Sex differences in early dyspnea relief between men and women hospitalized for acute heart failure: insights from the RELAX-AHF study

Outcome p value for interactiona sex by treatment
All-cause death through day 180 0.7229
CV death through day 60 0.7151
Days alive and out of hospital through day 60 0.2473
CV death or HF/RF rehospitalization through day 60 0.7247
RF rehospitalization through day 60 0.9933
HF rehospitalization through day 60 0.8778
Worsening heart failure through day 5 0.6764
SCr increase of ≥0.3 mg/dL above baseline through day 5 0.0585
Dyspnea VAS AUC to day 5 0.9228
Time to moderately or markedly better dyspnea through day 5 (days) 0.2050
Dyspnea Likert scale moderately/marked better at 6, 12, and 24 h 0.3869
  1. aInteraction p value comes from multiple linear regression models for continuous outcomes, logistic regression models for categorical outcomes, Cox proportional hazards models for time-to-event outcomes