Quality of life after laparoscopic sigmoid resection for uncomplicated diverticular disease

  • Lino Polese
  • Alice Bressan
  • Edoardo Savarino
  • Massimo Vecchiato
  • Angelo Turoldo
  • Annachiara Frigo
  • Giacomo Carlo Sturniolo
  • Nicolò De Manzini
  • Roberto Petri
  • Stefano Merigliano
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The study aimed to evaluate the QoL in patients who underwent elective surgery for uncomplicated diverticulitis using a recently developed diverticulitis quality of life questionnaire (DV-QoL).


All consecutive patients who underwent surgery for uncomplicated diverticulitis or who were hospitalized and treated conservatively for acute uncomplicated diverticulitis episodes in three referral centers, in a 5-year period, were included in the study. The 36-Item Short Form Survey and the DV-QoL were administered to the patients to assess their QoL before and after treatment of diverticular disease.


Ninety-seven patients who underwent surgery, 44 patients who were treated conservatively, and 44 healthy volunteers were included in the study. DV-QoL scores correlated with SF-36 scores (p < 0.0001). The surgically treated patients reported a worse quality of life before treatment with respect to the patients treated conservatively (mean 21.12 surgical vs 15.41 conservative, p = 0.0048). The surgically treated patients presented better post-treatment global scores with respect to the conservatively treated patients (mean: 6.90 surgical vs 10.61 conservative, p = 0.0186). Covariance analysis confirmed that the differences between the pre- and post-treatment DV-QoL scores were significantly higher in the surgical (p = 0.0002) with respect to the non-surgical patients. As far as single items were concerned, differences between the two groups were found in the pre- and post-treatment “concerns” and “behavioral changes” DV-QoL items.


Sigmoidectomy reduces concerns about diverticulitis and behavioral changes due to the disease. Quality of life should be considered when referring patients with uncomplicated diverticulitis to surgery. Prospective studies are required to confirm this result.


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The authors are grateful to Linda Inverso Moretti (native English speaker) for editing the English version of this manuscript

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