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Crohn’s disease-associated colorectal cancer in Japan: report of four cases

  • Tadataka Hayashi
  • Toshio Nakamura
  • Kiyotaka Kurachi
  • Atsuko Fukazawa
  • Akihito Nakajima
  • Koichi Nakamura
  • Shohachi Suzuki
  • Hiroyuki Konno
Case Report



We report four cases of Crohn’s disease (CD)-associated colorectal cancer (CRC) in our department.

Case 1

A 42-year-old Japanese man had a 14-year history of ileocolon CD. He had a history of an ileocecal resection and a stricture plasty. At the age of 42, sigmoid colostomy was performed because of the deterioration of the anal stenosis. After this operation, the perianal pain had remained, and a magnetic resonance imaging scan revealed a rectal tumor.

Case 2

A 30-year-old Japanese man had a 13-year history of ileocolon CD. He had a history of an ileostomy, a subtotal colectomy, and ileo-rectal anastomosis. At the age of 30, he had perianal pain, and a colonoscopy revealed a rectal cancer. An abdomino-perineal resection of the remnant rectum was performed.

Case 3

A 46-year-old Japanese man had a 9-year history of ileocolon CD. He experienced abdominal fullness. Colonoscopy revealed an ascending colon cancer. He underwent a subtotal colectomy and ileo-rectal anastomosis.

Case 4

A 33-year-old Japanese woman had a 16-year history of ileocolon CD. She had no changes in symptoms of CD. Surveillance colonoscopy revealed a transverse colon cancer. She underwent a subtotal colectomy and ileo-rectal anastomosis.


As the number of patients with CD and with CD-associated CRC has increased in Japan, CD-associated CRC, as noted in these patients, should be kept in mind in the management of patients with CD. In addition, a surveillance system of patients with CD should be established and should prompt further study about CD-associated CRC.


Crohn’s disease (CD) Colorectal cancer (CRC) Surveillance Colonoscopy 


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  • Tadataka Hayashi
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  • Toshio Nakamura
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  • Kiyotaka Kurachi
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  • Atsuko Fukazawa
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  • Akihito Nakajima
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  • Koichi Nakamura
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  • Shohachi Suzuki
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  • Hiroyuki Konno
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  1. 1.Second Department of SurgeryHamamatsu University School of MedicineShizuokaJapan

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