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Intermittent hepatic portal vein gas complicating diverticulitis—a case report and literature review

  • Franz Sellner
  • Babak Sobhian
  • Martina Baur
  • Stephanie Sellner
  • Barbara Horvath
  • Margit Mostegel
  • Josef Karner
  • Stefan Staettner
Case Report


Case report

This report describes a case of intermittent hepatic portal venous gas (HPVG) because of colonic diverticulitis in a 48-year-old man, who was successfully treated by surgery.


Based on an extensive literature search, which produced 21 observations, the etiology, symptoms, imaging features, clinical significance, treatment strategy, and outcome of HPVG because of colonic diverticulitis are evaluated: While observations with an underlying intramesocolic abscess carry a favorable prognosis, the prognosis of observations because of septic thrombophlebitis with gas forming germs is poor.


Hepatic portal vein gas Diverticulitis 


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  • Babak Sobhian
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  • Martina Baur
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  • Stephanie Sellner
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  • Barbara Horvath
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  • Margit Mostegel
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  • Josef Karner
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  • Stefan Staettner
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