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Müllerian-type, cutaneous ciliated cyst in the gluteal cleft mimicking a pilonidal cyst


A cutaneous ciliated cyst is a rare entity found predominantly in the lower extremities and perineal region of young females. Although initially described by Hess in 1890, the present day term, “cutaneous ciliated cyst,” was proposed by Farmer in 1978 and includes a wide array of cyst types. Despite their typical female predominance and location, many have described cutaneous ciliated cysts in males and atypical locations. In addition, Mullerian cysts in the posterior mediastinum and the retroperitoneum have been reported. To date, only 40 cases have been reported in the literature of a Mullerian-type, cutaneous ciliated cyst. Here, we report a case of 13-year-old female with one in the gluteal cleft, initially presenting as a pilonidal cyst. We also discuss the differential diagnosis of pediatric sacrococcygeal lesions and pathogenesis of a Mullerian-type, cutaneous ciliated cyst.

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