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Case report of bilateral adrenal leiomyoma with review of literature

  • Sandesh V. Parelkar
  • Nandita Pratap Sampat
  • Beejal V. Sanghvi
  • Prashant B. JoshiEmail author
  • Subrat Kumar Sahoo
  • Jiwan Lal Patel
  • Sanjay N. Oak
Case Report


Adrenal leiomyomas (AL)s are rare benign tumors; only 16 cases have been reported overall including the adult population, three of which had bilateral involvement [1]. In the paediatric age group, only four cases have been reported, two being bilateral [1, 2]. ALs are usually asymptomatic. They can be associated with immunodeficiency. We report a paediatric case of bilateral large multilobed AL. The literature on paediatric ALs has also been reviewed.

Case report

An 11-year-old girl was presented with intermittent chest and abdominal pain for a year. The child was normotensive. She had scars of healed cutaneous viral infection on the right side of the chest. The abdomen was soft with no palpable lump.

An abdominal ultrasound revealed bilateral supra-renal masses. Computerized tomography (CT) scan showed the presence of well-defined lesions of size 8.5 × 6.5 and 3.3 × 3 cm on the right and left side, respectively (Fig.  1). The lesions showed central areas of necrosis...


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  • Nandita Pratap Sampat
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  • Beejal V. Sanghvi
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  • Prashant B. Joshi
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  • Subrat Kumar Sahoo
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  • Jiwan Lal Patel
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  • Sanjay N. Oak
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