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Table 1 Observational data used to construct a grid dataset of the 137°E hydrographic section

From: Temporal variations of net Kuroshio transport based on a repeated hydrographic section along 137°E

Observation Period
Reversing thermometer, Nansen bottle 1967–1989
CTD (JMA) 1990–
CTD (FRA) Summer of 2009
Argo float Summer of 2009
XBT (T-5) (− 1830 m) 1993–1996
XBT (T-6) (− 460 m) 1997–1999
XBT (T-7) (− 760 m) 1990, 2000–
XCTD (− 1100 m) 1999–2010
DBT (− 900 m) 1986–1989
  1. Before 1990, temperature was mainly measured by a reversing thermometer and water samples were obtained from Nansen bottles at standard depths. The vertical interval of the measurement becomes larger with a depth from about 10 m around the sea surface to 250 m at the maximum in deep layers. Since 1990, the observation has been conducted by using a CTD profiler with Niskin bottles. The vertical resolution of the T/S profiles is 1 dbar