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Table 5 Comparison of confidence in detection statements and in attribution statements for regional assessments in Table 10.1 of Bindoff et al. (2013). The specific periods analysed (given in square brackets) are based on the discussion in Table 10.1 and Section of Bindoff et al. (2013)

From: Rapid systematic assessment of the detection and attribution of regional anthropogenic climate change

Bindoff et al. (2013)’s statement Confidence in detection Confidence in attribution of major role
Bindoff et al. (2013) Algorithm Bindoff et al. (2013) Algorithm
“Result 28”: anthropogenic forcing has made a substantial contribution to warming to each of the inhabited continents [1951–2010] Africa    High Medium
Europe    High High
Asia    High High
Australasia    High High
North America    High High
Central and South America    High High
“Result 29”: anthropogenic contribution to very substantial Arctic warming over the past 50 years [1961–2010] High Medium   
“Result 30”: human contribution to observed warming averaged over available stations over Antarctica [1951–2010] Low No