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Table 1 Means, maximum and minimum values, and standard deviations of rate of sea ice volume change (rate of ice vol. change), ice transport over northern and eastern border of Barents Sea (ice import), ice transport over southern and western border (ice export) and freezing minus melting in the control integration in 1012 m3/year

From: Sea ice in the Barents Sea: seasonal to interannual variability and climate feedbacks in a global coupled model

In 1012 m3/year Rate of ice vol. change Ice import Ice export Import–export Freezing–melting
Mean ~0 0.87 0.20 0.67 −0.67
Max 0.25 2.06 0.98 1.67 0.36
Min −0.29 −0.25 0 −0.40 −1.89
Stddev 0.11 0.33 0.15 0.27 0.26