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Clinical features and long-term outcomes of pediatric meningiomas

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Pediatric meningiomas are relatively rare and have atypical clinical features compared to adults. The purpose of this work is to report our 15-year experience in the management of pediatric meningiomas and assess their clinical characteristics, pathological features, and prognostic factors.


A total of 40 children (age ≤ 15 years) who were diagnosed as pediatric meningiomas were enrolled in this study. Patient information including clinical presentation, gender, age at time of diagnosis, histopathological features, tumor location, tumor volume, treatment methods, and follow-up data were extracted and analyzed.


The mean age at diagnosis was 10.78 ± 3.50 years (range 2–15 years) in 40 patients with a male to female ratio of 1:1.11. Headache, epilepsy, visual disturbance, and limb weakness are common clinical manifestations. Two patients had multiple intracranial meningiomas. Fourteen (33.3%) of pediatric meningiomas were high grade meningiomas. Seven patients (17.5%) were treated with STR, while GTR was achieved in 33 patients (82.5%). The mean follow-up period was 82.1 months (range 9–173 months). Recurrence occurred in 9 patients (22.5%), and 5 patients (12.5%) passed away.


The incidence of pediatric meningiomas increases with advancing age. In pediatric patients, the percentage of high-grade tumors is higher than adults. Younger children were more likely to have high-grade meningiomas, while patients with tumors located in skull base or parasagittal/falx tend to have low-grade meningiomas. The WHO grade III meningiomas were significantly correlated with poor prognosis. Adjuvant radiotherapy after surgery can improve prognosis and may be a potential treatment strategy in children with malignant meningiomas.

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This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant no. 81702478 and 81602204).

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