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Neurovascular stents in pediatric population

  • Flavio RequejoEmail author
  • Federico Lipsich
  • Roberto Jaimovich
  • Graciela Zuccaro
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The purpose of the study is to analyze the results obtained using stents for the treatment of neurovascular diseases in pediatric patients.


A retrospective study of 6-year period was undertaken evaluating clinical charts and imaging studies of patients treated with stents because of neurovascular diseases.


Nine patients were managed with 10 stents. Seven children were females. The median age was 11 years. There were four cases of broad neck cerebral aneurysms, a pseudoaneurysm of the cervical internal carotid artery, a vertebro-jugular fistula, two patients with internal carotid artery (ICA) stenosis affecting the cervical and supraclinoid segment, and a vertebral artery dissection. The only complication was a silent posterior communicating artery (PCoA) thrombosis in a PCoA aneurysm treated with two stents. Dual antiplatelet therapy was given after the procedure to avoid in stent thrombosis.


Stents are safe and effective for treatment of neurovascular diseases in children, but studies are needed in order to protocolize the use of antiplatelet drugs in children.


Stent Cerebral broad neck aneurysm Carotid artery stenosis Stroke Children Antiplatelet drug 


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  • Federico Lipsich
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  • Roberto Jaimovich
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  • Graciela Zuccaro
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